The most amazing time of my life. When I was eight years old I went to Hollywood. The people that were with me was my dad,grandma,grandpa,two uncles,two girlfriends,one six year old and me of course. The flight was about four hours long and I sat by my dad and my cousin. When we arrived there we checked in to this Disney themed hotel. Then we went on famous tour and saw Micheal Jackson house,Justin Bieber’s house and many more that I didn’t know. But they where all really pretty and huge. Then we say one of my favorite singers grave her name is Marlin Monroe.

The next day we woke up and went to Disneyland the first thing that we got was dip and dots if you don’t know what that is its ice cream rolled up into little balls. Then we looked around and went on Splash Mountain which is a log ride. Then this Batman ride. We basically went on every ride but Superman that one was little to scary for me at that age. We also had all of the disney princess sign my book that I had. After we took a tour on this bus and saw all of Disneyland. Then it was time to go to our hotel and go to sleep.

The last day in Hollywood. When we woke up we went to this amazing breakfast place. It had chandeliers and fancy food. All of it tasted so good. Then we got to our hotel packed up and then checked out. After we did that we walked around Hollywood one more time and then I wanted something to bring home. So we looked around and I saw a Hello Kitty place and back then I loved Hello Kitty. Finally we hopped in a cab and it took us to the airport then we went home.




My Three Favorite Holidays

My Most favorite holiday is coming up and its Christmas. For those of you that don’t know what Christmas is. It is an annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth it is on December 25 and you celebrate with family members.On Christmas there is this person who comes to your house in a slide with magical reindeer’s. Then he comes down the chimney and leaves presents under the tree.This person is named Santa Claus he has a white beard and wears a red suit with a black belt around his waist. He has elves that make all these toys. Elves are these tiny people that have pointy ears and they wear red and green.


Image result for santa claus and elvesChristmas

My second favorite holiday is Halloween because you get to be a whole other person without anyone noticing and be as crazy as you want. On Halloween you get a bunch of free candy. For those of you that don’t know what Halloween is it’s where you dress up as someone or something and you knock on doors. Then say trick or treat then they give you a piece of candy. Halloween is on October 31 on a Tuesday.

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My third favorite holiday is Easter. Easter is a holiday where this bunny comes to your house and leaves a basket full of candy. The Easter bunny also sometimes will leave an Easter egg hunt that is where you find eggs full of candy.The Easter bunny is white and usually has a colorful scarf around hes neck. Easter is held on April 1 and its on a Sunday. Easter is kind of like Christmas because someone comes in your house and leaves a gift.Easter is also like Halloween because there is candy involved.Image result for easter bunny

Easter bunny


Nursing home games

We haven’t made this major goals because we haven’t figured out what we are going to say for are video. We will achieve this by working harder on are script so we can make the video.

Our goals for the month of December are making a video in the library so we can show it to Nina ‘s Church. The reason we are making a video is because all of us are scared to go up there and talk. I feel great about making a video instead of standing up there and giving a speech. Another December goal that we have is getting the money to by the supplies ex. cards.bored games,construction paper and etc. We are planning to get the supplies very soon but we don’t know the date. We haven’t made this major goals because we need to make a video and then we will have the money to get all the supplies.

Always smileyedyzsr

The Magical Window

Everyday when I look outside the school window all I see is happiness. Why you asked because outside you see beautiful flowers like daisies,roses,tulips and much more types of flowers. The school has a pet a unicorn that walks around the school and makes rainbows when anyone is sad. When you go outside it has the prefect weather its always nice and sunny but not to hot but not to cold.

Did I tell you that the school has a waterfall outside. The water fall changes colors  at night time its pretty cool. When you open the curtains to see outside you instantly smile. We also have beautiful money tree on the side of the school. I saved the best for last the other thing we have is a….

Best of Architectural PhotographyThe schools waterfall Related image The pet unicorn

An Exotic Pet

cute hedgehog Image result for hedgehogssonic hedgehog    

My favorite animals are African Pygmy hedgehogs. I like hedgehogs because the great pets and there adorable. Hedgehogs eat high protein and low fat cat food. They also sell hedgehog food made for them but from my point of view cat food is better. Hedgehogs come in the colors salt and pepper,cream and white,cinnamon and apricot and many more. The color of my hedgehog is cream and white.                                                                                                                                      Hedgehogs are illegal in some states such as California,Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, and Maine. Hedgehogs come from Africa and Australia they love the warmth. Hedgehogs have soft belly and quills that feel like a bristle of a toothbrush. Hedgehogs sleep 20 hours a day and are a wake for about four hours.                                                                                                                 African Pygmy hedgehogs love treats they like meal worms,earthworms and more. My hedgehog prefers meal worms over anything else. You can get hedgehogs from breeders or pet shops. I got mine from a pet store in Indiana. There where only four hedgehogs there and mine was the only creme colored one.



The King of The Pumpkin’s – photo credit

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One day there was this cat that loved to hide in pumpkins. He would eat the insides of the pumpkins so they would not have any pumpkin guts in it so he could hide in them. The pumpkins belonged to him he thought. The cat hated pumpkins that where rotten or if anything happened to them. He would be so angry if anyone stepped on his pumpkins. Then one day he saw a man stepping on all the pumpkins and so the cat got so mad and started to…

What do you think happened next?

 Witch’s Secret Recipe

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